Our Mission and Vision

To deliver the highest-quality, personalized cytopathology consultation services, including fine-needle aspiration, as an integral part of the interdisciplinary team approach to the health care of our referred patients and to become a leader in all facets of fine-needle aspiration education.

Our Values

In the course of our daily work as health care professionals and as we conduct our unique medical practice of cytopathology, our Cytodiagnosis Center is guided by the following values:

  • Dignity – respecting the value and worth of every person.
  • Collaboration – working together with other physicians and health care providers toward a common goal for the good of patients.
  • Excellence– providing the highest-quality professional and technical cytopathology services possible.
  • Academic training and expertise – teaching and applying the skills and knowledge of our clinical experiences in fine-needle aspiration and diagnostic cytopathology.
  • "State-of-the-art" technology and integration – acquiring and maintaining the most advanced equipment, laboratory testing, and infrastructure available in the field of cytopathology.
  • Leadership – leading our cytopathology profession through innovation, education, and advocacy.
  • Privacy – ensuring patient's rights to privacy and modesty.