Surgical Pathology Services

Call Client Services 804-828-PATH (828-7284); 1-800-363-9234

Surgical pathology services we offer:

Surgical pathology offers full histology services including immunohistochemistry and molecular diagnostics. Specialty services include dermatopathologyrenal pathology, and transplant pathology. All faculty members actively participate in the residency training program as well as numerous interdisciplinary conferences.


Surgical Pathology Subspecialties and Consultants

Breast, Heart and Lung Pathology:

Dr. Michael O. Idowu, 
Dr. Valentina Robila,



Dr. Mark Mochel,


Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Pathology:

Dr. Celeste Powers,
Dr. Adele Kraft,
Dr. Austin Wiles,


Gastrointestinal and Liver Pathology:

Dr. Melissa Contos, 
Dr. Michael Idowu,


Genitourinary Pathology:

Dr. Steven Smith, 
Dr. Valentina Robila,


Gynecologic Pathology:

Dr. Woon Chow,
Dr. Sadia Sayeed, 



Dr. Hope Richard, 
Dr. Woon Chow,


Renal Pathology:

Dr. H. Davis Massey,


Soft Tissue and Bone Pathology:

Dr. Steven Smith, 


Additional Resources

In addition to our faculty, there are at least three Pathology Residents staffing our clinical labs. We also have three Pathologists' Assistants (PA) working in Surgical Pathology and Autopsy. For more information, please contact Lora Josey at (804) 828-0558,, Megan Decker at (804) 828-2091, or Lauren Luketic at (804) 828-9198,