Autopsy Services


Open Monday-Friday 8am-3pm 
Call Client Services 804-828-PATH (828-7284); 1-800-363-9234

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Our Autopsy Service provides complete autopsy evaluation and professional consultation for VCUHS patients, area hospitals without the facility to perform autopsy examinations, and provides independent private autopsies under special circumstances. We also consider requests to perform autopsies (full or partial) for research tissue harvesting from outside institutions.

Our Service is staffed by faculty mentors who are certified in Anatomic Pathology, three Pathologists’ Assistants, and one or two rotating Pathology Residents who perform about 130 autopsies a year. Together, the VCUHS Pathologists and Pathologists' Assistants contribute many years of knowledge and experience to the Autopsy Service.

Our services are available Monday through Friday 8am-3pm. We are located in Sanger Hall, 1101 E. Marshall St. Room B2-018 in Richmond, VA.

Our large facility is located in an academic hospital setting. Because we are a teaching hospital, we offer university-level professional resources, a residency training program with multiple fellowship programs, and outstanding research.  Our trainees and faculty have a close relationship with the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner of the Commonwealth of Virginia and offer overlapping learning opportunities.

The Pathologists and Pathologists’ Assistants are vital teachers with a wealth of knowledge and experience for the Pathology Residency Program. All are tasked with teaching and assisting the Pathology Residents during their autopsy rotations. 

The Autopsy Service also contributes to the training and education of non-pathology physicians by providing post-mortem exposure to rare conditions and anomalies, as well as post-operative outcomes. It also provides an opportunity to identify ante-mortem conditions not noted before death.