Our Divisions

The Department is composed of four academic divisions which serve to accomplish a three-fold mission to achieve excellence in Clinical Services, Research, and Education.


Pathology Research Laboratories:

Our renovated state-of the-art research and administration space (23,000 nsf) currently has 7 principal investigators involved in basic/translational research.

Bos Lab - Tumor promoting mechanisms by regulatory T (Treg) cells
Clevenger Lab - Role of the prolactin receptor signaling in breast cancer pathogenesis
Harrell Lab - Identification of proteogenomic mediators of metastasis and drug resistance; synergistic therapeutic strategies for breast cancer
Jackson-Cook Lab - Genetic/Epigenetic factors contributing to chromosomal instability 
Koblinski Lab -  Role of syndecans in breast cancer metastasis to the brain
Oh Lab - IGFBP-3/IGFBP-3R axis in human cancer and the pathophysiology of the IGFBP-related proteins
Radhakrishnan Lab - Understanding and targeting protein degradation pathways in cancer

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