Neuropathology Services



Open Monday-Friday 8am-5pm 
Call Client Services 804-828-PATH (828-7284); 1-800-363-9234

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Neuropathology Services offer expert neuro-biopsy interpretation. In addition, consultative services are available for brain, pituitary, muscle, nerve and eye biopsies, as well as for autopsy material.  Our department has a board certified neuropathologist. Supportive services include:

  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Electron microscopy (EM)
  • Muscle histochemistry
  • Fluorescence insitu hybridization (FISH)


Tests Performed

  • Brain biopsies and autopsies
    • Intraoperative diagnosis by H&E stained, touch prep, squash prep and frozen sections
    • Paraffin-embedded sections, H&E routine stain
    • Special stains--Bielschowsky, Luxol Fast Blue-PAS, Congo Red, Reticulin, other.
    • Immunohistochemistry--GFAP, S100, Synaptophysin, Chromogranin, EMA, CK, M1B-1, Beta amyloid, Tau, Ubiquitin, and others
    • EM--available if required
    • FISH analysis for 1p/19q and EGFR alterations

Brain Autopsy, Brain Tumor, FISH

  • Pituitary biopsies
    • Intraoperative diagnosis
    • Paraffin sections--H&E and special stains
    • Immunohistochemistry (pituitary panel), ACTH, FSH, GH, LH, Prolactin, TSH
  • Muscle biopsies
    • Comprehensive workup of congenital and acquired muscle disorders is available, including immunohistochemical evaluations for various pediatric and adult muscular dystrophies
    • Paraffin sections--H&E and special stains as needed
    • Frozen section--H&E, Masson Trichrome, Adenosine Triphosphatase (ATPase) (acid and alkaline), NADH, Esterase, PAS, Oil red O, Myophosphorylase, COX, SDH
    • Immunohistochemistry (Paraffin and Frozen sections), Dystrophin, Myosin, Utrophin, Dystrophy Panel (Sarcoglycans, Dysferlin, Merosin/Laminin, Emerin, Beta-dystroglycan), Myositis Panel (MHC Class I and II, LCA, CD3, CD20)

Muscle Biopsy Images: NADH stain (first pic) ATPase stain (middle pic) and Dystrophin stain (third pic).

  • Nerve biopsies
    • Paraffin sections--H&E, LFB-PAS
    • Semi-thin sections from resin-embedded specimen
    • EM--available if required
    • Immunohistochemistry--CD68, CD45 (LCA), CD20, CD3, Neurofilament and others

  • Ophthalmic Pathology
    • H&E, PAS, other special stains or procedures if needed


Specimen Handling 

Client Services 804-828-PATH (828-7284); 1-800-363-9234
Please refer to our Lab Services Catalog under Anatomical and Surgical Pathology for specimen handling information. 


Special Instructions

A surgical pathology Accession Sheet (pdf) with adequate clinical history and a differential diagnosis must accompany the specimens for their proper interpretation. Please include the proper ICD-10 code.

  1. All specimens are to be sent in 10% Formalin EXCEPT muscle and nerve biopsies.
  2. Muscle biopsies must be scheduled at least 24-36 hours in advance.
  3. Muscle and nerve biopsies are to be delivered wrapped in saline-moistened gauze. If possible, they are NOT to be clamped.
  4. Must be delivered as soon as possible.

Please contact Client Services 804-828-PATH (828-7284); 1-800-363-9234 for assistance with the Accession Sheet and detailed information about transportation, specimen handling, separation prior to transportation and causes for rejection.

The Anatomic Pathology Receiving area is located at the MCV campus in the Gateway Building, 1200 E. Marshall Street, 6th floor, (804) 828-9739.


Consultative Services 

Consultative services are available for brain, pituitary, muscle, nerve and eye biopsies, as well as for autopsy material.  Click here to get a consultation.


Education and Training

All faculty members actively participate in numerous interdisciplinary conferences and are involved in the education of medical students and in the training of pathology, neurology, and neurosurgery residents. Residents complete a one-month rotation with access to extensive teaching materials including a Neuropathology CD-ROM, CAP Neuropathology survey cases, and selected glass slides. They attend slide conferences, clinico-pathological conferences, weekly brain cutting sessions, and participate in daily discussions of clinical cases. Brain cutting is held 9am every Friday in Sanger Hall B02-018. All VCUHS physicians, students and nursing staff are invited to attend.