April 25, 2024

A Message from the Chair to the Department’s Alumni

It is my pleasure and honor to serve in the role of Interim Chair of the Department of Pathology. As we wrap up another academic year, we’re reminded how training future pathologists and scientists ensures continued excellence in our field. We regard it as one of our most important jobs and, as we strive to fulfill this imperative, we enjoy reflecting on the successes of the department and trainees.

One of the most exciting developments in the department is the addition of the Clinical Laboratory Genetics and Genomics Fellowship, of which Dr. Colleen Jackson-Cook is Director and Dr. Scott Turner is Associate Director. Current fellows have been highly successful, submitting abstracts that were accepted for presentations at national meetings and working on relevant research projects including a collaborative study with the cytogenetics lab at the University of Virginia. 

Our class of 2023 and 2024 residents have a variety of accomplishments to their credit. They have presented at the 2023 meeting of the Virginia Society for Pathology and received grants from the CAP Foundation to do extramural, subspecialty rotations in AI and forensics.

Our graduates are well prepared for their different career paths: some enter private practice; others have chosen academic careers and are already at work in prestigious institutions such as The Cleveland Clinic, The Mayo Clinic and Yale University. Still others have been accepted into highly esteemed training programs at UVA, University of Miami, Emory, Loyola and the University of Toronto. Many remain at VCU for fellowship training, and we are excited that we’ll have a current 2024 graduate, Dr. Jason Reardon, start as faculty in July. 

Who are our residents and fellows? They are the hardworking colleagues who help us make sure our patients get the best possible and safest care. As they hone their knowledge and skills in pathology, they take on important day-to-day tasks in all of our laboratories and services. Our faculty and clinicians know the important role these junior colleagues play in our department and community. They keep us on our toes, assist us in countless ways, and inspire us to continue to practice academic medicine.

We take immense pride not only in the achievements of our current residents and fellows but also in the notable successes of our past graduates from the Experimental Pathology M.S. and Ph.D. programs. Many have chosen to pursue careers in academic research, contributing their expertise both within VCU and at prestigious external institutions like UNC-Chapel Hill. Others have assumed leadership roles in the life sciences industry and at extramural grant agencies.  While our graduate programs in Experimental Pathology may no longer be active, our commitment to groundbreaking research remains unwavering. Our Cellular and Molecular Pathogenesis division stands as a testament to this dedication, where our researchers tirelessly work to unravel the molecular underpinnings of cancer and other human pathologies.  Over the years, our department has seen a steady rise in extramural funding, culminating in significant increases in NIH support in 2023. This surge propelled our department to a remarkable double-digit leap in rankings among public institutions, now proudly standing at No. 27. 

Generations of graduate students, residents and fellows now make up our alumni body. We deeply appreciate how they find new ways to partner with us – from around the country or close to campus. They generously join with us in our mission to provide a life-changing training experience. This valuable assistance is vital in the development of future professionals.

Our current students look to our alumni as examples of how our graduates continue to make great strides. We all see the success enjoyed by our alumni as a testament to the strength of our training program, and we are tremendously proud to learn of your accomplishments. Please remain in touch and take this as your invitation to share your latest news with us.


Roseff_SusanSusan Roseff, MD                                      

Professor and Interim Chair, Department of Pathology