Effective DateTest ChangesLocation
2-6-24 Additional Blood Collection Tube Required for HCV Testing Included in the Blood
2-1-24 Critical Value Added to the Methotrexate End of Infusion Order
1-31-24 Referral of P2Y12/Aspirin Testing to Outside Laboratory
1-30-24 Resuming VCU Health Main Lab testing for Anti-Streptolysin-O(ASO)
1-16-24 Change in Urine Free Light Chain Testing
1-16-24 Change in Lyme Total Antibody Testing
1-16-24 New In-house Test: Adenovirus DNA, Quant (Blood)
1-8-24 Change in COVID-19 Spike Antibody IgG Testing
1-4-24 Test Name Change for High Sensitivity Troponin T to High Sensitivity TNT
12-1-23 Anatomic Pathology Delay in Reporting Due to Staffing Shortages Update
11-28-23 New Mold Blood Culture/Discontinuing Fungal Blood Culture
10-18-23 Discontinue Calling COVID-19 Positive Results as Critical
10-4-23Changes to Urine Drug Testing
10-2-23Discontinuation of H. Pylori IgG IgM and IgA Serology
9-21-23BKV Urine DNA Quantitative Test Send Out to LabCorp
8-21-23Change of Venous Lead Testing Tube Type and Delay in All Blood Metals Testing (copper, zinc, and lead)
8-18-23Anatomic Pathology Delay in Reporting Due to Staffing Shortages
7-11-23Serum Levetiracetam and Lamotrigine Test Method Change
6-7-23Discontinuing Parasite and Bacterial Pathogen Detection by PCR
5-16-23Request to Med Exec Committee HCV reflex order
5-3-23Implementation of In-House Testing for Procalcitonin
5-1-23Adult Procalcitonin Guidance VCUH
4-13-23Neonatal Fever Guidelines Procalcitonin
3-23-23Serum Levetiracetam and Lamotrigine Method Change
3-13-23Microbiology to Implement Rapid Blood Culture PCR
3-6-23Name Change for HIV Test Order
2-22-23Anatomic Pathology Labcorp Sendouts
2-16-23Temporary Testing Change to Syphilis Serology Resolved on 2-23-23
1-31-23 to 2-1-23Severe Winter Weather Conditions Impacts Shipping and Delivery Services
1-17-23Changes in VerifyNow Test Kits
12-22-22Temporary Testing Change to Syphilis Serology
12-15-22Changes to Respiratory Viral Testing
12-14-22Change in Sinus Culture Order
10-31-22Urine Opiate Result Reporting Change
10-14-22Additional Toxicology Testing Options
9-26-22HSV IgM Antibody Testing
9-5-22Changes in Coag Inhibitor Titer Assay
7-13-22Updated Pleural Fluid pH Specimen Collection Requirements
6-15-22Changes in Flow Cytometry tests
6-13-22Discontinuation of In-house Testing for T-Uptake
5-26-22EDTA Collection Tubeundefined