Effective DateTest ChangesLocation
6-21-24 Blood Culture - Critical Shortage of Blood Culture BottlesHealth System
6-18-24 Meningitis Encephalitis PCR Panel, New Test OfferingHealth System
6-6-24 Phosphatidylethanol (PEth), Change in Testing LaboratoryHealth System
5-1-24 Flow Cytometry, Flow Cytometry, CSF - Testing ResumedHealth System
5-2-24 Respiratory Pathogen Direct Testing - Analyte Reporting ChangeHealth System
4-29-24 Blood Gas Arterial; Blood Gas Venous - Container Nomenclature ChangeHealth System
4-4-24 Protocol for Platelet Clumping, New Test ImplementationHealth System
3-1-24 Soluble Complement 5b-9 (SC5b-9) Change in Performing LaboratoryHealth System
2-6-24 HCV Testing in Blood and Body Fluids Exposure order set, Additional Blood Collection Tube RequiredHealth System
2-1-24 Methotrexate, End of Infusion Critical Value AddedHealth System
1-31-24 P2Y12/Aspirin Testing Referred to Outside Laboratory Resolved on 3-12-24Health System
1-30-24 Anti-Streptolysin-O (ASO) Resuming Testing at Main LabHealth System
1-16-24 Urine Free Light Chain, New Test ImplementationHealth System
1-16-24 Lyme Total Antibody, New Test ImplementationHealth System
1-16-24 New In-house Test: Adenovirus DNA, Quant (Blood)Health System
1-8-24 COVID-19 Spike Antibody IgG Testing Referred to LabCorp IndefinitelyHealth System
1-4-24 High Sensitivity Troponin T Name Change to High Sensitivity TNTHealth System
12-1-23 Anatomic Pathology Delay in Reporting Due to Staffing Shortages UPDATEVCUMC and Ambulatory Clinics
11-28-23 Mold Blood Culture New Test; Fungal Blood Culture Discontinue TestHealth System
10-18-23 COVID-19 Positive Results No Longer Critical Lab ValueHealth System
10-4-23Urine Drug Testing, Updates to PanelHealth System
10-2-23H. Pylori IgG, IgM, and IgA Serology DiscontinuationHealth System
9-21-23BKV Urine DNA Quantitative Test Referred to LabCorpHealth System
8-21-23Venous Lead Collection Container Update; Copper, Zinc, and Lead Delay in TestingHealth System
8-18-23Anatomic Pathology Delay in Reporting Due to Staffing ShortagesVCUMC and Ambulatory Clinics
7-11-23Serum Levetiracetam and Lamotrigine Test Method ChangeHealth System
6-7-23Parasite and Bacterial Pathogen Detection by PCR DiscontinuationHealth System
5-16-23HCV Reflex Order Request to Med Exec CommitteeHealth System
5-3-23Procalcitonin New Test ImplementationHealth System
5-1-23Adult Procalcitonin Guidance VCUHHealth System
4-13-23Neonatal Fever Guidelines ProcalcitoninHealth System
3-23-23Serum Levetiracetam, Lamotrigine Method ChangeHealth System
3-13-23Rapid Blood Culture PCR New Test ImplementationHealth System
3-6-23HIV1 and HIV2 Antibodies Name Change to HIV – 1/2 Antigen-AntibodyHealth System
2-22-23Anatomic Pathology Referred to LabCorpVCUMC and Ambulatory Clinics
2-16-23Syphilis Serology Testing Suspended Resolved on 2-23-23Health System
1-31-23 to 2-1-23Severe Winter Weather Conditions Impacting Shipping and Delivery ServicesHealth System
1-17-23P2Y12 and Aspirin Test Kits Updated to Only Include One Greiner Bio-One TubeHealth System
12-22-22Syphilis Serology Testing SuspendedHealth System
12-15-22COVID-19 PCR, Routine Discontinued; Influenza COVID-19 PCR, Routine New Test ImplementationHealth System
12-14-22Sinus Culture New Test ImplementationHealth System
10-31-22Urine Opiate Result Reporting ChangesHealth System
10-14-22Urine Drug Testing UpdatesVCUMC and Ambulatory Clinics
9-26-22HSV IgM Antibody Testing DiscontinuationHealth System
9-5-22Coagulation Inhibiter Titer Assay Referred to LabCorpHealth System
7-13-22Pleural Fluid pH Specimen Collection UpdateHealth System
6-15-22CD3/4/8 and LEP Testing Referred to ARUPHealth System
6-13-22T-Uptake Test DiscontinuationHealth System
5-26-22EDTA Collection Tube Supply Chain IssuesHealth System