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Case 148

case 148

History: Skull from Chanka Culture, Andahuaylas, Peru (ca. AD 1150-1250).

Submitted by: Danielle S. Kurin, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA.


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Cases 130-147 - (Cases include, but not limited to: face of a priest from the early XVII Century; Inferior view of right medial clavicle, with a well-developed rhomboid fossae; X-rays shows a lesion in a 30-year-old female mummy from Northern Chile; Skeletal lesion from a Roman period Burial. Distal femoral joint surface and patella; Skin: (Left) Right pretibial region. (Right) Microscopic picture of the skin; Pre-Columbian adult mummy from Northern Chile (AZ 71-T57). Organ from the thorax; Kidney of a South American mummy; Endoscopy of internal thoracic wall of male mummy)