Paleopathology Club

History of the Paleopathology Club

Paleo Club LogoThe Paleopathology Club, one of the scientific societies that meets annually in association with the United States/Canadian branch of the International Academy of Pathology, was started by Marvin J. Allison, PhD and Enrique Gerszten, MD, pathologists at the Medical College of Virginia in Richmond. The Club has held meetings since 1978, rotating through principle cities in the United States and Canada.

The work of the Paleopathology Club in South America has proven to have a broader application to all of human history, since these studies illuminate the conditions in people of similar societies and environments around the world. Many findings have applications in the field of modern forensic pathology and serve to confirm or deny some of the written materials recorded in Spanish colonial archives and chronicles.

To maintain continued contact with it's members, case studies submitted by members are published quarterly on this web site. Members may try their diagnostic skill on these actual cases. Club members may use these images for lectures and teaching. The Club is supported by the VCU Department of Pathology.

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