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Dr. Youngman Oh, PhD, Professor of Pathology, leads the Cancer & Metabolic Syndrome laboratory, which complements the work already being done within the Division of Cellular and Molecular Pathogenesis, specifically in the Functional Genomics Program.

The laboratory of Dr. Youngman Oh has been studying the IGF-IGFBP system in cancer for a decade. Studies from his laboratory (and others) have demonstrated an important role for IGFBP-3 in regulating the growth of human cancer cells, independent of its role as a modulator of IGF-I bioactivity. His laboratory has identified a novel receptor for IGFBP-3 that mediates IGF-IGF-IR independent of IGFBP-3.

Dr. Oh's laboratory is currently focusing on several projects including the IGFBP-3/IGFBP-3R axis in human cancer and the pathophysiology of the IGFBP-related proteins in a variety of human disease, in particular inflammatory disease, diabetes, mellitus, obesity and aging.

The long-term goal of Dr. Oh's research is the application of these systems in gene therapy and clinical trials for drug resistant patients.


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