Paula Bos, PhD

Tumor Microenvironment

Paula Bos, PhDMassey Cancer Biology Program Co-Leader

Department: Pathology

Phone: (804) 828-7570


Paula D. Bos, PhD is Associate Professor and Cancer Biology Program Co-Leader at the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Massey Cancer Center (MCC). Her laboratory investigates tumor microenvironmental (TME) interactions that drive breast cancer progression, organotropic metastasis, and therapeutic resistance. Her research group utilizes genetic models to delineate tissue-specific function of stromal cells, in particular regulatory T cells, in the different tumor microenvironments with the long-term goal of providing novel TME targets for therapeutic intervention. Her research has been funded by METAvivor, Susan G. Komen, V Foundation, American Brain Tumor Association, American Cancer Society and National Cancer Institute. She is currently member of the AACR Tumor Microenvironment Steering Committee, and serves in NCI, ACS and DOD study sections.

Research Interests: Tumor Microenvironment, Tissue Tropism, Regulatory T cells, Metastatic Dissemination, Breast Cancer. 

Dr. Bos Research Lab

Dr. Bos identifies an immune cell in breast cancer growth that could treat the disease

Dr. Bos Web CV (pdf)

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