Cytodiagnosis Center

The Department of Pathology’s Cytodiagnosis Center is staffed by cytopathologists with special expertise in Fine-Needle Aspiration (FNA). It is available to clinicians who wish to refer ambulatory patients with superficial masses for FNA and evaluation by our cytopathologist. Our Center is easily located within the division of anatomic pathology at the VCU Medical Center on the 6th floor of the Gateway Building, and there is valet parking available at the entrance on street level.

We conveniently provide a same-day, on-demand FNA service in addition to scheduling FNA appointments days to weeks in advance.
Please check our Appointment Calendar for our availability and then call us at 804-828-9740 or see our Scheduling FNA section for more information.

The FNA services we offer include both palpation-guided and ultrasound-guided FNA of superficial* masses that may be palpable or non-palpable (please see our service description and any restrictions below).

In addition to providing FNA services within our Cytodiagnosis Center, our cytopathology laboratory also provides a mobile, on-demand FNA service to both outpatient clinics and inpatients at the VCU Medical Center, usually arriving within 20 minutes of receiving an FNA request.

Additional questions about our Cytodiagnosis Center or services? Please call our knowledgeable staff or talk directly with a cytopathologist to discuss your patients particular needs (804-828-9740).


*Superficial anatomical sites are those that are above the fascia and can be reached by a 1 ½-inch or 2.5- to 3-centimeter needle. For deeper masses, those that are below the fascia or within a body cavity (e.g., abdomen or thorax), please consult the VCUHS Department of Radiology



Map of FNA Building