Molecular Genetic Pathology Fellowship Program

2017 New Residents and Fellows Reception - MDX Fellows

This is a one-year clinical fellowship which trains pathologists and medical geneticists for a career in molecular genetic pathology. The trainee receives a thorough exposure to all aspects of molecular genetic pathology including infectious diseases, hematopathology, oncology, human identity testing, and medical genetics. The VCU Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory is a state-of-the-art, 6,400 sq ft facility that performs more than 25,000 tests annually. Fellows participate in laboratory test development and translational research. The fellows are responsible for interactions with clinicians and other pathologists, and test interpretation as the training progresses. Fellows rotate through the human genetics clinical services and in the biochemical genetics laboratory. Hands-on experience is obtained with a broad range of molecular techniques including nucleic acid extraction, real-time PCR, reverse transcriptase PCR, cytogenetics, FISH, SNP analysis, Affymetrix microarray technology, bone marrow engraftment chimerism studies, and nucleic acid sequencing.

Requirements: Candidates must have passed USMLE Step 3, and satisfactorily completed residency in AP and/or CP, or in Medical Genetics.

Program Director: Michael O Idowu, MD, MPH

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