TDAAC Services


TDAAC FY2019 Fee Schedule


Tissue Bank Sample Utilization

  1. Provide quality controlled residual human tissue and hematopoietic samples to VCU investigators1
    1. Each sample has the following:2
      1. Informed patient consent
      2. Tissue quality control (QC) processing performed by evaluating H&E stained slides for histopathological parameters and diagnostic correlation
      3. Basic clinical annotation
      4. QC of RNA and DNA extracted samples3
    2. Human TISSUE samples provided in the following forms:
      1. RNA aliquots
      2. High molecular weight and/or intermediate size DNA aliquots
      3. Protein pelleted aliquots
      4. Tissue shavings
      5. Other (specified by investigator)
    3. Human HEMATOPOIETIC samples provided in the following forms:
      1. Cryopreserved mononuclear cell aliquots

1. See List of Available Tissue Types for more information on the types of specimens in the tissue bank        
2. All information pertaining to TDAAC banked samples stored in a SQL 2000   database with an Access 2000 front end.
3. Provided through collaboration with the Department of Pathology’s   Molecular Morphology-Genomics Facility.                            


Specimen Acquisition & Patient Informed Consent

  1. Provide customized human tissue and hematopoietic sample acquisition
    1. Services may include:
      1. Collection of fresh samples to meet specific protocol needs
      2. Retrieval, freezing, and storage of specimens
      3. Transfer of specimens to central study facilities
  2. Assist in obtaining informed consents for IRB-approved protocols


Sample Processing

  1. Provide customized human and non-human sample tissue and hematopoietic processing
    1. Services may include:
      1. Mononuclear cell separation and cryopreservation of hematopoietic samples
      2. Frozen or H&E stained OCT embedded tissue sections
      3. Other (specified by investigator or clinical trial protocol)


Access to Human Tissue and Hematopoietic Samples

While TDAAC banked samples have been acquired under a VCU approved IRB protocol with informed consent, human experimentation regulations require that investigators desiring access to these samples proceed through one the following three routes. TDAAC faculty and staff can offer some guidance in this matter if an investigator requests.

  1. IRB approved protocol from an ongoing research protocol
  2. Exemption approved by the IRB
  3. Obtain an Anonymization agreement