Molecular Pathology Research Services (MPRS)



MPRS Laboratory Mission

To provide high quality, cost effective NGS services in a CLIA’88 certified laboratory in a manner that supports the patient care, research, and education missions of Virginia Commonwealth University.

The Molecular Pathology Research Services (MPRS) specializes in providing Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) services in a CLIA’88 certified laboratory for research, translational research, and clinical trials.

The MPRS laboratory provides the members of the VCU community the opportunity to incorporate the benefits of the complete list of NGS services in their individual research projects.

The MPRS laboratory is housed in the Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory in the Department of Pathology at VCU.  This is a state of the art, CLIA certified laboratory that is fully equipped to provide high throughput NGS services.  MPRS laboratory has PGM and Proton instruments, automatic nucleic acid extraction robots, liquid handlers, etc.


NGS Services for Researchers

The MPRS laboratory offers a full range of nucleic acid-based tests including NGS services for researchers which include: nucleic acid extraction, nucleic acid quantitation, library preparation, template preparation and sequencing.

The NGS services provided by MPRS are listed in this form.

Investigators who will be using human tissue need to bring the corresponding form signed by the IRB approved research protocol.

The Division of Molecular Diagnostics provides an extensive number of nucleic acid-based tests.  Please see list of tests in Clinical Services section.


Contact Us

Fernanda Sabato

M. Fernanda Sábato, MS, MP(ASCP)
Operations Manager, Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory
Virginia Commonwealth University
P.O. Box 980248
Richmond, VA
Office: (804) 828-9564
Fax: (804) 827-4738