Frequently Asked Questions

How is the process started to obtain clinical pathology services for a clinical trial or research study?
E-mail a Clinical Trials and Research Services Request Form to CPRS Coordinator and attach the full protocol.

When should the customized manual clinical pathology requisition form be used?
When clinical trial or grant funds are going to pay for a clinical pathology service. One form per subject, per lab collection is required.

How are additional services added to an existing CPRS account?
Notify the CPRS Coordinator of the requested change.   A revised Pricing Proposal will be returned to the clinical trial coordinator for review and signature. The signed Pricing Proposal should be returned to the CPRS Coordinator.  The manual clinical pathology requisition form will also be updated to reflect any changes.

What if there are adherence issues with the pharmaceutical sponsor?
Notify the CPRS Coordinator immediately of any issues.  The CPRS Coordinator will investigate all issues and assist the clinical trial coordinator or monitor as needed.

What is the reporting process for samples submitted on a manual clinical pathology requisition form? 
Results are reported by fax or campus mail. This is established during account setup.  Secure Cerner access to results is also available upon request.

How are Clinical Pathology Research Services billed?
A billing invoice is mailed once a month to each clinical trial/study billing department.  If you encounter any billing errors while administering your project, please submit a Billing Correction Form (pdf) to the Clinical Pathology Research Services Coordinator as soon as possible.

Is there a list of all information that must be submitted to setup a Clinical Pathology Research Services account for a new protocol/project?
You may find the Clinical Pathology Research Services Checklist (pdf) helpful when setting up clinical pathology services for each protocol.