APRS Technical Component - Request Form

General Instructions:

  1. Fill out the form below or print and fill out.
  2. Complete the top portion of the form.
  3. If paying with a VCU account, create a PO in eVA. Our tax ID no. is 54-1581185 and our V no. is V00220314.
  4. ** Bring form, with approved PO no., and specimen(s) to the Anatomical Pathology laboratory located at:

Gateway Building - MCV campus
1200 E. Marshall St, 6th floor
Richmond, VA 23298 
Phone: 804-828-9739  
Fax: 804-828-8733 

For all questions regarding PO creation please contact Pathology Finance at 827-8367

** "Please call prior to bringing samples to lab to ensure that someone is available to accept the specimens. Thank You."

Special Instructions for Immunohistochemistry:
Basic Guidelines and Compatibility Information (pdf)

Services Requested:
If you are interested in any of the services, enter the quantity in the boxes.
Processing/embedded block (paraffin block) - $5 per block
Frozen section - $5 per slide
Unstained Slide (blank) - $3 per slide
Hematoxylin and Eosin stain (Includes unstained slide) - $5 per slide
Histological Special stains - $20 per slide
Archival services - $10 per case
Control slides - $5 per slide
Slide Tray - $5 each

For Specific Tests and/or Materials, please provide information:

For prices please contact:
Jorge Almenara Ph.D.
Gateway Building, 6th Floor, Rm 6-213

Phone: (804) 628-2949