Research In Progress - 2016-2017 Schedule


Location: Sanger Hall, Room 4-024

Date/Time: Wednesdays, 12pm-1pm
Second Wednesday of the Month


October 12

Dr. Paula Bos/Nicholas Clark (Bos Lab)
Topic: “Tregs and Breast Cancer Progression”


November 9

Dr. Michael Idowu (Pathology)
Topic: "Breast cancer histopathology: a primer"


December 14

Megan Sayyad, Neuroscience Ph.D. Candidate (Koblinski Lab)
Title: "The role of breast cancer-derived extracellular vesicles in pre-metastatic niche formation in the brain"


January 11

Dr. Harry Bear (Surgical Oncology)
Topic: "Preclinical and Clinical Studies of Immunotherapy for Breast Cancer"


February 8

Janakiram Vangala (Radhakrishnan Lab)
Title: "Role of HDACs in the Nrf1/Proteasome pathway"


March 8

Miguel Manzanares-Serrano (Sirica Lab)
Topic: "Periostin and Mesothelin, prognostic values and promising targeting options in cholangiocarcinoma progression"


April 12

Sierra Ka Mosticone Wangensteen, Department of Human and Molecular Genetics Ph.D. Candidate (Koblinski Lab)
Title: "Pregnancy-Associated Breast Cancer and Metastasis"


May 10

Justin Craig (Clevenger Lab)
Topic: "The Role of HDAC6 in Nuclear Prolactin Receptor/STAT5 Signaling in Breast Cancer"


June 14

Tia Turner (Harrell Lab)
Topic: “Identifying molecular targets and effective therapeutics to eradicate breast cancer patient derived xenograft brain metastases”


For more information about VCU Pathology Research in Progress presentations contact:
Paula D. Bos, PhD
Office: (804) 828-7570