Research In Progress - 2017-2018 Schedule


Location: Sanger Hall, Room 4-024

Date/Time: Wednesdays, 12pm-1pm
Second Wednesday of the Month


September 13

Nicholas Clark, Bos Lab
Justin Craig, Clevenger Lab


October 11

Megan Sayyad, Koblinski Lab
Janakiram Vangala, Radhakrishnan Lab


November 8

Shawn Hakim, Clevenger Lab
Tia Turner, Harrell Lab


December 13

Melissa Cai, Oh Lab
Sarah Thomas, Radhakrishnan Lab


January 10

Jackie Grible, Clevenger Lab
Sierra Wangersteen, Koblinski Lab


February 14

Leandro Martinez, Bos Lab
Mohammad Al-Zubi, Harrell Lab


March 14

Amy Northtop, Radhakrishnan Lab
Wei Du, Bos Lab


April 11

Alicia Woock, Clevenger Lab






For more information about VCU Pathology Research in Progress presentations contact:
Paula D. Bos, PhD
Office: (804) 828-7570