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Senthil Radhakrishnan, PhD is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Pathology at VCU.  His research is focused on understanding the protein degradation pathways (ubiquitin-proteasome system and autophagy) in pathologies such as cancer and neurodegeneration.  During his postdoctoral work, Dr. Radhakrishnan identified the transcription factor Nrf1 as a mediator of the proteasome recovery/compensatory pathway that is activated in response to proteasome inhibition.  Using cell culture and mice xenograft tumor models, Dr. Radhakrishnan's laboratory is currently investigating if the Nrf1-mediated compensatory pathway could be a viable target in anti-cancer therapy.  His laboratory is also interested in coming up with strategies for modulating protein degradation pathways in neurodegenerative diseases that display aggregates in neuronal cells.


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