Alumni Newsletter 2017 - Residents & Fellows

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Program Director’s Message

It is with Great Pleasure that I send GREETINGS to you from your Home base/Specialty Training program! You will be proud to know that there are some AMAZING things happening here at VCU Health/MCV! For your reading pleasure, use the “Read More” link to find out more details. 

Institutionally we have:

  • Recently received the ACGME Dewitt Baldwin award for Exemplary Graduate Medical Education. More Details: Article Link / Video Link
  • A new Designated Institutional Official (DIO) in Graduate Medical Education (GME). Read More

Departmentally we have:

  • Renovated the Resident’s Work Room on Gateway 6:

  • Graduated the VCU Health Pathology Class of 2017.  Read More

Finally but certainly not least…on behalf of all of the current trainees I’d like to say Thank You all again for your contribution to the Education Fund! As a result of YOUR gifts we will be able to provide the best resources possible to those who follow in YOUR footsteps!  



David S. Wilkinson, MD, PhD
Professor and Former Chair (1993-2013)
Director, Pathology Training Program
Department of Pathology
Virginia Commonwealth University

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Pathologist in the Making

Great news! We are proud to announce that we have an awesome group of residents and fellows with us this academic year. Use the following link to learn more about them. 

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Alumni Survey

It is our goal to always stay abreast of how things are going with you and your career.

Please help us to do so by completing the following survey: Survey Link