Housestaff Kudos Corner

Our housestaff are making fantastic strides in their training and professional development.

Here are some of the awesome things that have been accomplished over this academic year:

Graduates and Where are they Headed:

Dr. Ding (Diana) Dai (Private Practice)
Dr. Paulo Garcia (Cytopathology– VCUH, GI Pathology fellowship – Univ. of Pittsburgh Med. Center)
Dr. Matthew Gayhart (MGP Fellowship - Cedars-Sinai, Clinical Informatics Fellowship - Massachusetts General Hospital)
Dr. Suhua Han (Private Practice)
Dr. Chelsea Kidd (Hematopathology Fellowship - University of Utah);
Dr. Jeremiah Karrs (Hematopathology – NIH)
Dr. Liu Liu (Private Practice)
Dr. Patrick Memari (Cytopathology – VCUH)
Dr. Makinzie Mott (Forensic Pathology – University of Louisville)
Dr. Sara Mustafa (Private Practice)
Dr. Irene Shyu (GI Pathology – U. of Wash)
Dr. Chen Yang (Clinical Assistant Professor - University of Michigan)

2019-2020 Honorees and Award Recipients:

Dr. Lorraine Colón Cartagena – David S. Wilkinson Award for Professionalism and Service, Ema Dragoescu Surgical Pathology Award
Dr. Matthew Gayhart – Resident Research
Dr. Enrique Gerszten - Saul Kay Faculty Award
Dr. Patrick Memari – Chief Resident Award
Dr. Makinzie Mott – Chief Resident Award
Dr. Daniel Neal - Celeste N. Powers Award for Excellence in Cytopathology
Dr. Jason Reardon - Enrique Gerszten And Charles “Buck” Moncure Autopsy Award
Dr. Irene Shyu - Fergus O’M Shiel Teaching Award
Dr. Patricija Zot - Fergus O’M Shiel Teaching Award, Clinical Pathology Service Award, and David S. Wilkinson Award for Professionalism and Service Award


Trainee Publications:

We are exceptionally proud of our housestaff and their continuing contribution to our specialty by way of their publications, abstracts, and presentations. Please take a few moments to visit our housestaff publications page in order to learn more about what our housestaff have been up to using the following link: Housestaff Publications