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Pathology stays on the front-lines of COVID-19 testing, research and new innovation. COVID Q&As with laboratory employees, administration and faculty in autopsy and blood supply services. Dr. Clevenger plays a key role in the strategic vision of precision medicine at Massey.

Dept. of Pathology Research Division Success Stories

November 2020

Atfi Lab
Azeddine Atfi is a coauthor on this publication: 

Clevenger Lab
A new publication from the Clevenger Lab; current Department of Pathology coauthors include Justin Craig, Jennifer Koblinski, Charles Clevenger 

Harrell Lab

October 2020

Koblinski Lab
Jennifer Koblinski is a coauthor on this publication: 


September 2020

Dr. AtfiAtfi Lab


Clevenger Lab

  • Jackie Grible earned a PhD from the Department of Human and Molecular Genetics



August 2020

Dr. Paula BosBos Lab


Harrell Lab


Radhakrishnan Lab

  • Amy Northrop earned a PhD from the Department of Human and Molecular Genetics


July 2020

Tia Turner - Harrell's Lab

Harrell Lab

  • Tia Turner (pictured) is awarded the 2020-2021 VCU Graduate School, Distinguished Dissertation Award





June 2020

Harrell Lab

  • Mohammad Al-Zubi completed his PhD in the VCU Integrative Life Sciences Program
  • Chuck Harrell is a co-author on this publication, other co-authors that are members of the Pathology Department include Scott Turner and Andrea Ferreira-Gonzalez: 
  • Chuck Harrell has been asked to serve on an upcoming NIGMS study section for the Support of Competitive Research (SCORE) Program* (SC1, SC2, SC3)

Oh Lab

Radhakrishnan Lab

  • Senthil Radhakrishnan has been awarded a one-year NIH/NIA Alzheimer’s Supplement of $116,667 (Direct Cost) to his R01 to investigate the Nrf1 pathway in neuronal cells.

Snapshot of Research Laboratory without people

 May 2020

Atfi Lab

  • Parash Parajuli, Thien Ly Nguyen, and Azeddine Atfi  published this paper:
  • Azeddine Atfi had his R01 grant funded by the NCI: "Targeting Transglutaminase 2 in cancer cachexia". 
  • Azeddine Atfi has been named as a member of the Tumor Progression and Metastasis Study Section for the NIH.
  • Azeddine Atfi has been named a Director of the Massey Cancer Center Cancer Biology Program.

Harrell Lab

  • Chuck Harrell had his R01 grant funded by the NCI: "Circumventing acquired carboplatin resistance in triple-negative breast cancers". Mikhail Dozmorov and Jason Reed are Co-Investigators.
  • Chuck Harrell has been appointed to the Massey Cancer Center Protocol Review and Monitoring Committee for Clinical Trials.

Radhakrishnan Lab

Amy Northrop looking at the microscope

  • Amy Northrop (pictured at microscope) is awarded the Roscoe D. Hughes fellowship from the Human Medical Genetics Department and she received the Charles C. Clayton Scholarship from VCU School of Medicine.
  • Senthil Radhakrishnan has been as to serve on an upcoming Drug Discovery and Molecular Pharmacology study section. ​​​



April 2020


Tia Turner (Harrell Lab MD/PhD student) successfully defended her PhD Thesis.

Madelyn Esquivel (Harrell Lab PREP student) was accepted into graduate school at Baylor.


January 2020


Clevenger Lab

Jackie Grible and Alicia Woock both received 1) Early Career Forum Travel Awards and 2) Graduate School Travel Grants to attend the annual Endocrine Society Meeting in San Francisco.

Harrell Lab

• A recent publication from the Harrell Lab: The utility of the “Glowing Head” mouse for breast cancer metastasis research. 
Department of Pathology contributors include; Mohammad Al-Zubi, David Boyd, Chuck Harrell.
• A recent publication from the Harrell Lab: Identification of synergistic drug combinations using breast cancer patient-derived xenografts. 
Department of Pathology contributors include; Tia Turner, Mohammad Al-Zubi, Chuck Harrell.

Variety of test tubes on research lab tableKoblinski Lab

Dr. Koblinski is a co-author on this paper: Anillin regulates breast cancer cell migration, growth, and metastasis by non-canonical mechanisms involving control of cell stemness and differentiation. 

Radhakrishnan Lab

• A recent publication from the Radhakrishnan Lab: Disabling the Protease DDI2 Attenuates the Transcriptional Activity of NRF1 and Potentiates Proteasome Inhibitor Cytotoxicity.  
Department of Pathology contributors include; Amy Northrop, Janakiram Vangala, Senthil Radhakrishnan.
Dr. Radhakrishnan has been named to the Editorial Board of PLOS ONE.
Dr. Radhakrishnan has been invited to serve as Ad Hoc reviewer for the “Transition to Independence” NIH study section.